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Maritime Tales of the Sea 
Maritime Tales of the Sea is a collection of World War II stories by Merchant Marine and Armed Guard from all over the world.
During World War II at great risk, these young men volunteered their services to man the ships and deliver troops, supplies such as food, equipment, ammunition, and petroleum products to over 97% of the war fronts around the world.
After the war, Mariners were charged with returning the troops and supplies, which were taken overseas, back to the United States; as well as returning displaced persons worldwide back to their home countries. Additionally, the Merchant Marine carried humanitarian supplies to devastated and starving countries all over the world -- together they kept the free world's shipping lanes open after the fall of Europe.
It is hoped that this book will give the public, and descendants of the men who served, a true understanding of what these men accomplished during the War.
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Also available on a CD-Rom in PDF format for $10.00 plus P/H.

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“Maritime Tales of the Sea,

As Told by the Men who lived them”


Hardcover: ISBN: 9781425178529
        Softcover:   ISBN: 9781425123482